Sounds like fun

“Over at the Oxford English Dictionary, the life of a new word starts out in the Reading Program department, where about 50 people spend their 9 to 5 lives gobbling up all the printed material they can get their hands on: Novels, television transcripts, song lyrics, newspapers, magazines…anything. They’re on the lookout for new words (or innovative uses of old, mundane words). New discoveries are forwarded to a searchable electronic database of quotes, which Oxford calls ‘Incomings.’” mental_floss

Why comic books are important

“Truth is, I was a slow student initially, because we were always going from town to town, and the curriculum varied tremendously across locations… So in a very real way, comics taught me how to read, taught me a love of language, and storytelling, and most of all, an appreciation for heroes, for chivalry and bravery and a refusal to surrender. In addition… I learned my sense of morality, my sense of right and wrong, from comics. That may sound stupid and naive, but it’s true, and that understanding is what propels me to this day.” J. Michael Straczynski, writer and creator of Babylon 5

The Inappropriate Spider-Man

“Honestly, the quips. Quipping [is] not the easiest thing. Spidey likes to talk, particularly during fights where he uses it as a distraction and he has to be funny. Instead of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, he’s sort of ‘The Inappropriate Spider-Man.’” Writer Jeff Loeb, on the most challenging thing about tackling Spider-Man

What I really really want

“Why does one grab your attention, make you snap your head up, and why is the one that’s pure sweet, and imitating a fragrance that’s one of nature’s most beautiful, almost unbearable? Here’s why. Because, at the center of the expensive perfume, underneath the ‘good’ scents, there’s a bad scent, intentionally placed. A smell that if that was all you got in the bottle, would likely make you throw up. There’s a deliberate element in there designed to slap you right across the goddamn chops, and before you can be appalled, the ‘good’ mix of scents takes root. On the other hand, all Wal-Mart thinks you want in your bath ball is an overpowering floral smell. And it turns out, we don’t really want that.” Gail Simone


“Why not listen to As I Became We by Tishara Quailfeather… The virulent and hermetically sealed pinings of the world’s only triple gold selling Native American artist living in an iron lung. It’s as if newly dead, and thus still pure angels, reached down into The Virgin Mothers throat and gently lifted out the sweetest and most plaintive sounds man will ever hope to hear in this life. RATING: 7.17” David Cross, Top Ten CD’s That I Just Made Up (and accompanying made-up review excerpts) to listen to while skimming through some of the overwrought reviews on

Boring Catholic theology

“It was just too bad they deviated so far from the Invisibles philosophical template in the second and third movies because they blundered helplessly into boring Catholic theology, proving that they hadn’t HAD the ‘contact’ experience that drove The Invisibles, and they wrecked both ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions’ on the rocks of absolute incomprehension. They should have kept on stealing from me and maybe they would have wound up with something to really be proud of - a movie that could change minds and hearts and worlds.” Writer Grant Morrison, on The Wachowskis Bros.

Hitting and jabbing

“Did I find the moment? How do I hit them? Where do I jab that they’re not protecting?” Writer/director Joss Whedon, on scripting Serenity

Young Avengers

“So when you said the words ‘Young Avengers’ to me, I was initially thrown, since the Avengers didn’t have teen sidekicks from which to build a team. But the idea of creating a group of teenage super heroes in the Avengers universe was irresistible to me. The one question I couldn’t answer for myself in that initial meeting was ‘Who are the Young Avengers?’ Which turned out to be the perfect question for a book about teenagers, since being a teenager is all about the beginning of one’s search for identity. And that question, ‘Who are the Young Avengers,’ haunted me such a degree that it became the soul of my subsequent pitch.” Allan Heinberg, writer and producer on “The O.C.”

Young Avengers

Alan Moore

“In my world, the actors and the director are all made of paper, and they do exactly what I say.” Alan Moore, on comic books as a medium