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“Over at the Oxford English Dictionary, the life of a new word starts out in the Reading Program department, where about 50 people spend their 9 to 5 lives gobbling up all the printed material they can get their hands on: Novels, television transcripts, song lyrics, newspapers, magazines…anything. They’re on the lookout for new words (or innovative uses of old, mundane words). New discoveries are forwarded to a searchable electronic database of quotes, which Oxford calls ‘Incomings.’” mental_floss


“I’ve seen the demonstrations on the Internet about how you can find another person using a Zune and give them a song they can play three times. It takes forever. By the time you’ve gone through all that, the girl’s got up and left. You’re much better off to take one of your earbuds out and put it in her ear. Then you’re connected with about two feet of headphone cable.” Steve Jobs

The lion sleeps tonight

“As Solomon Linda first recorded it in 1939, it was a tender melody, almost childish in its simplicity — three chords, a couple of words and some baritones chanting in the background. But the saga of the song now known worldwide as ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ is anything but a lullaby. It is fraught with racism and exploitation and, in the end, 40-plus years after his death, brings a measure of justice. Were he still alive, Solomon Linda might turn it into one heck of a ballad.” Sharon LaFraniere, The New York Times


“See I always liked the song until I saw the movie White Girls. This must be the white song that all black people like, you know every year there’s a song that black people like and this is that. I love the string arrangements. Ron Fare is really up on the strings.” Kanye West on Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles


“No matter what you think of David Fincher’s translation of Chuck Palahniuk’s pre-iPod, post-post-punk nightmare, you have to admire an ending that foresaw things that are still being talked about today. The film predicts the emo-boy nation that we swim in these days, but the ending, with the Pixies’ raucous ‘Where is My Mind?’ wailing in the background, sees self-terrorism and numb romance as the new, essential way of life.” Chris Cabin, on 1999’s Fight Club


“Sabian Ltd., one of the top two cymbal manufacturers in the world, laids its roots in Canada a quarter century ago after a bitter dispute over ownership divided the business… The company, which employs 150, produces 1.2 million cymbals every year. Sabian makes more than 1,500 different types with rides, crashes and hi-hats being the most popular. Most are made by machine… Cymbals cost between $64 and $770 for individual pieces, with custom-made cymbals commanding a premium.” Sharda Prashad, Toronto Star


“Cleaning toilets does not disgust me. I find it a thing of beauty. I get right into that toilet with my little scrubber and I scrub it. I never wear gloves.” Moby



“The DRM mandated by the RIAA ended up giving Apple leverage. The industry had a choice - they could either agree to Apple’s terms, or drop DRM so that the iPod could play the music from a competitor. The third possible option - dumping Apple and going with a more cooperative company - wasn’t available because the DRM wouldn’t work with the iPod. In other words, the RIAA’s stubbornness in 2000 came back to haunt them five years later.” Baricom, Slashdot comment

Watchmen, Moist, Tea Party, Big Wreck

“Unlike many Canadian rock bands that grew in the mid-’90s and then all seemed to break up in the same three-year period, Our Lady Peace remained together through thick and thin. Some blame the break-up of the Watchmen, Moist, Tea Party, Big Wreck and several others on the erosion of MuchMusic support for Canadian bands. Other observers theorize that the Canadian rock trade deadline came up, so all the musicians had to shuffle around a game of musical chairs to come up with new lineups in new bands.”

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So many vibrant personalities

“Rewind the clock back to 1993. Wu-Tang had people going nuts. Never before had the hip-hop world seen so many vibrant personalities in one group. Now, be honest, did you ever think Ghostface would have emerged as the biggest star in the group? Meth, ODB, GZA, RZA, Raekwon, and, arguably, Inspectah Deck would all have been ranked ahead of Ghost. Ghost was really just ‘that dude who wore the mask so the cops didn’t nab him.’” Nordy