George Clooney

“All right, so I’m not winning director.” George Clooney, on winning Best Supporting Actor for Syriana

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Taking risks

“I just want to thank the people who take big risks in their daily lives when there aren’t cameras rolling and there aren’t people there to applaud, and who stand up for peace and justice and against intolerance.” Crash director Paul Haggis, on winning Best Original Screenplay

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Boring Catholic theology

“It was just too bad they deviated so far from the Invisibles philosophical template in the second and third movies because they blundered helplessly into boring Catholic theology, proving that they hadn’t HAD the ‘contact’ experience that drove The Invisibles, and they wrecked both ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions’ on the rocks of absolute incomprehension. They should have kept on stealing from me and maybe they would have wound up with something to really be proud of - a movie that could change minds and hearts and worlds.” Writer Grant Morrison, on The Wachowskis Bros.

Hitting and jabbing

“Did I find the moment? How do I hit them? Where do I jab that they’re not protecting?” Writer/director Joss Whedon, on scripting Serenity

Fire sale

“Mr. Lucas, of Star Wars fame, needed to raise cash to settle the divorce and decided to sell a smallish piece of his Lucas Film empire. Steve Jobs was interested but deemed Lucas’ original asking price 30 million dollars, too high. Faced with the aforementioned need for liquidity, Lucas decided to let the company go at fire sale prices. Fire sale prices were exactly what Steve Jobs was looking for, so he traded ten million greenbacks for the company that would later be named Pixar.” Chris Seibold, Apple Matters

Alan Moore

“In my world, the actors and the director are all made of paper, and they do exactly what I say.” Alan Moore, on comic books as a medium