When blind dates turns ugly

“A 17-year-old boy in northeastern China was so disappointed with the looks of a woman he met over the Internet that he hanged himself after seeing her face-to-face, state media reported Friday.” Agence France-Presse

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This debate is a hoax

“‘Anytime you say you want to have a debate about military prisons, secret interrogations, or the general reduction of freedom in the name of public safety and security, you’re coming down against it. The very idea of debating in order to decide which is right takes the side that democratic processes and freedoms are more important than strict safety and security…” menace3society, on Marvel Comic’s Civil War, a storyline that debates homeland security and tighter government controls in the name of public safety.

Civil War


“JDate lists the following relationship status choices: Single, Divorced, Separated, and Widowed. It seems that most young adults on the site seem to shy away from meeting widows. If you ask me, ‘Separated’ sounds like it would be more trouble.” ShaBot 6000


“I’m sure the technology is even better now, but I was a -8 in both eyes and came out 20/10. Meaning I can see BETTER than 20/20. It’s awesome… The hardest part was to have my eyes “propped” open for the surgery. It as a little scary after the flap was cut and I couldn’t see anything. It was just black… The three days of healing weren’t painful and they weren’t very difficult. The hardest part for me was to not read newspapers and so on, as instructed. When you aren’t used to being able to see, you want to read EVERYTHING.Dave Simon, on LASIK

Fear of delegation, and its cousin, fear of replaceability

“Fear of delegation is the belief that no one is as competent to solve a problem as you are. This kind of thinking (which at times may be justified) usually results from the belief that tasks will inevitably be done poorly if not done by capable hands—yours, of course. But how often is this really masking the fear that others can perform jobs you once thought only you could accomplish? This in turn leads to the fear of replaceability…” Ricardo Semler, author of Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace