The evolution of the NetFlix envelope

“But before Netflix became a dotcom darling with millions of subscribers, it had to figure out the details of how to mail DVDs cheaply and economically. Learning the ins and outs of the post office’s operations was key: Every ounce of weight in the mailer added to postage costs - but if the mailer was too flimsy, DVDs broke in the mail. Additionally, the mailer had to last long enough for reuse as a return envelope.” Business 2.0 Magazine


Octopuses have trick elbows

“Researchers recorded muscle activity in octopus limbs, and found that an arm generates two waves of muscle contractions that propagate toward each other. When the waves collide, they form a part-time joint.” LiveScience,


“In 1956, a Japanese entrepreneur named Mr. Y. Okada stumbled on an innovation that would end up making life better for homeowners around the globe. It happened one day at lunch, while he was breaking apart sections of a chocolate bar and thought, “Why not apply this same concept of snap-off sections to a factory-sharpened utility knife blade?” When the tip becomes dull, simply break it off at the scored division, exposing a fresh, sharp end.” Toronto Star, 10 Top Tools: OLFA L-1 Utility Knife

DS Lite

“I had seen every picture of the new machine released on the web, watched every video, and I was still not prepared for this pygmy iteration of the device. What made the other one so big? I think this is a fair question. Is there a man inside? What is in there? Perhaps it is like one of those creatures that inflates when it feels threatened.” Tycho, on Nintendo’s new DS Lite

DS Lite

Close enough

“When you heat up leftovers in the microwave, what time do you enter? 2:30 or 2:22? One is close enough and much faster.” Fly on the Wall, Signal vs. Noise

More thorough cooking

“Some archaeologists believe that pottery was invented in China in order to cook snails; before that, people cooked plants or animals directly over a fire, but snails require more thorough cooking.” The 20 Most Important Tools - No. 16: The Pot,

Not just looks

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The secret to Web 2.0

“The secret to Web 2.0: What do Flickr, Ning, Kiko, Vimeo, Shadows, YouTube, Furl, NewsGator, Shutterfly, Mefeedia, Feedster, Planzo, Zazzle, Tailrank, Yakalike, Qoop, Lulu, Blish, Flagr, FireAnt, Odeo, Measure Map, EVDB, Gather, Oyogi,, Jotspot, Frappr, Yedda, Writeboard, Kanoodle, Memeorandum, SuprGlu, 43 Things, Findory, Clipmarks, Wayfaring, AllPeers, Zoozio, Ziggs, Wink, Reddit, Digg, Gumshoo, Ta-da List, Wikipedia, Pubsub, Ookles, YubNub, Bloop, FeedBurner, Bloglines, Gabbr, Gcast, Blinkx, Openomy, Riffs, Myspace, Pandora, LookLater, 30 Boxes, Rollyo, Squishr, Plazes, Noodly, Wondir, Protopage, Blummy, Jots, Vizu,, Tagyu, Writely, Simpy, Gtalkr, Truveo, EgoSurf, Mozy, Quimble, Basecamp, Squidoo, NewsVine, Clipfire, Lookster, Netvibes, Facebook, Goowy, Yelp, Magnolia, Technorati, Gmail, Feedmarker, Mercora, StumbleUpon, and SpinSpy all have in common? They’re all web sites.Jason Kottke

Like Pokemon in reverse

“This really sums up Microsoft’s problem in a gorgeous nutshell, doesn’t it? There are several ways to do EVERYTHING, and usually one will kind of not work and another will be kind of a kludge and if you try a lot you might find one you kind of like, but lord god Microsoft couldn’t just pick the good way and go with it, they HAD to include them all, like Pok√©mon in reverse.” Wil Shipley

Accept the invite

“Accept the invite! Click yes. You have to click yes. No in the other window! No, there!” Russell Beattie, on starting video conversations in MSN or Yahoo! Messenger