Wish fulfilment

“I personally think it’s important for superheroes to be glamorous. They are fantasies, after all, the fulfilment of wishes, and we want our fantasies to be sexy. Otherwise, why bother having them?” Comic book writer Warren Ellis

Jim Lee

“I gather that ‘Jim Lee’ is something of a ‘man about town’ in the world of… drawing things, whatever their people call it. I’m told that young aspirants to the comic arts must traverse a Jim Lee Phase before they emerge from Plagiara - ‘The Valley Of The Shadow Of Theft,’ tempered thus by his iconic renderings” Web comic writer Tycho, on the popular comic book artist


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Beckham + Tesla + Hughes

“When I was researching Batman, I saw that other creators were playing him as a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Spock… I wanted to present a new take on Batman, who is without a doubt a mythic figure in our pop-psyche. My Batman is not only totally science fiction, he’s also a very physical superhero: he bleeds, he sweats, he eats… someone with the body of David Beckham, the brain of Tesla, and the wealth of Howard Hughes… pretending to be Nosferatu.” Alternative graphic novelist Paul Pope

Anarchy and fascism

“As far I’m concerned, the two poles of politics were not Left Wing or Right Wing. In fact they’re just two ways of ordering an industrial society and we’re fast moving beyond the industrial societies of the 19th and 20th centuries. It seemed to me the two more absolute extremes were anarchy and fascism. This was one of the things I objected to in the recent film, where it seems to be, from the script that I read, sort of recasting it as current American neo-conservatism vs. current American liberalism. There wasn’t a mention of anarchy as far as I could see. The fascism had been completely defanged.” Writer Alan Moore, on the V for Vendetta movie

V for Vendetta

Boring Catholic theology

“It was just too bad they deviated so far from the Invisibles philosophical template in the second and third movies because they blundered helplessly into boring Catholic theology, proving that they hadn’t HAD the ‘contact’ experience that drove The Invisibles, and they wrecked both ‘Reloaded’ and ‘Revolutions’ on the rocks of absolute incomprehension. They should have kept on stealing from me and maybe they would have wound up with something to really be proud of - a movie that could change minds and hearts and worlds.” Writer Grant Morrison, on The Wachowskis Bros.

Microcosm of America

“The Hulk is a microcosm of America today. America is split in two. The conservatives sees liberals as intellectual weaklings. And the liberals see the conservatives as bullying monsters. You think Captain America epitomizes America today? Nonsense. It’s Bruce Banner and the Hulk.” Writer Peter David


“Marvel will tell you that they like X-Men more than any of their other titles, because it appeals specifically to three groups—the demographic is young blacks, young Jews, and young gays—and that they identify themselves more than most. Although, all teenagers perhaps think of themselves as mutants and that they are mistreated by the rest of society for a time, for no good reason.” Ian McKellen, X3’s Magneto

Young Avengers

“So when you said the words ‘Young Avengers’ to me, I was initially thrown, since the Avengers didn’t have teen sidekicks from which to build a team. But the idea of creating a group of teenage super heroes in the Avengers universe was irresistible to me. The one question I couldn’t answer for myself in that initial meeting was ‘Who are the Young Avengers?’ Which turned out to be the perfect question for a book about teenagers, since being a teenager is all about the beginning of one’s search for identity. And that question, ‘Who are the Young Avengers,’ haunted me such a degree that it became the soul of my subsequent pitch.” Allan Heinberg, writer and producer on “The O.C.”

Young Avengers


Superman: “What kind of masochist keeps track of the different kinds of pain they’ve…”
Batman: “Four hundred and ninety-six by my last count.”
Superman, on Batman’s suggestion he catalogue his own levels of physical discomfort

All-Star Superman

“No one has ever done Clark Kent to Superman; showing the difference between these two guys. And Frank can do it. He can do the body language in a way you’ve never seen it. You’ll actually see his whole posture change and his paunch disappear and his three chins disappear. This is a complete transformation. This is like Jekyll and Hyde. We’ve never seen it before in 70 years of Superman.” Grant Morrison, on All-Star Superman artist Frank Quietly

Clark Kent to Superman

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