“When he told me about this character who could lift up a car using his ‘magnetic power,’ I said, ‘Uh…that’s Magneto.’ And Tim’s response was, ‘Is that a person or a power?’ And he immediately dropped that concept for something even cooler.” Jeph Loeb on ‘Heroes’ executive producer Tim Kring’s initial pitch for the pilot, Wizard #186

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Black and white

“Every writer wants to be liked… I feel like we honestly just start trying to please, and then the writing isn’t pure and it’s not real, and it comes from nowhere except an ability to say, ‘I want to be liked.’ Comic books are a medium that cater to people, myself included, with self-esteem problems and issues of good vs. bad. And that’s why we love the black and white. That’s why we love the punch and the pow. That’s why we love being loved. We all have that issue–and maybe it’s because we came from our lonely places, or our dark places. So the idea that a writer is going to be completely unaffected when someone goes on a message board and says, ‘You’re being too harsh with my character, stop killing my darlings.’ You’re going to eventually want to be liked and read–and it’s going to affect you.” Brad Meltzer, New York Times best-selling author and writer of DC Comic’s Identity Crisis miniseries

American citizens

“And slowly, over many years, the people realized they were not citizens. They were not members of a community. They were clocking in and punching out and killing time. They were employees.” DC Comic’s Uncle Sam, by Steve Darnall and Alex Ross, on the American capitalism

Why comic books are important

“Truth is, I was a slow student initially, because we were always going from town to town, and the curriculum varied tremendously across locations… So in a very real way, comics taught me how to read, taught me a love of language, and storytelling, and most of all, an appreciation for heroes, for chivalry and bravery and a refusal to surrender. In addition… I learned my sense of morality, my sense of right and wrong, from comics. That may sound stupid and naive, but it’s true, and that understanding is what propels me to this day.” J. Michael Straczynski, writer and creator of Babylon 5

The Inappropriate Spider-Man

“Honestly, the quips. Quipping [is] not the easiest thing. Spidey likes to talk, particularly during fights where he uses it as a distraction and he has to be funny. Instead of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, he’s sort of ‘The Inappropriate Spider-Man.’” Writer Jeff Loeb, on the most challenging thing about tackling Spider-Man

What I really really want

“Why does one grab your attention, make you snap your head up, and why is the one that’s pure sweet, and imitating a fragrance that’s one of nature’s most beautiful, almost unbearable? Here’s why. Because, at the center of the expensive perfume, underneath the ‘good’ scents, there’s a bad scent, intentionally placed. A smell that if that was all you got in the bottle, would likely make you throw up. There’s a deliberate element in there designed to slap you right across the goddamn chops, and before you can be appalled, the ‘good’ mix of scents takes root. On the other hand, all Wal-Mart thinks you want in your bath ball is an overpowering floral smell. And it turns out, we don’t really want that.” Gail Simone

I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!

“I get the feeling that there are going to be a lot of films like X-Men 3 this summer. At first, you walk out of the theater with a stupid grin on your face, like ‘Oh that was loud and flashy, awesome.’ Ten minutes later, you say to yourself, ‘“What did I actually watch?’ That’s what happened with this flick. Three days later I’m even more pissed off.The Movie Binge, on X-Men: The Last Stand


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No more mutants

No more mutants.Scarlet Witch, House of M


This debate is a hoax

“‘Anytime you say you want to have a debate about military prisons, secret interrogations, or the general reduction of freedom in the name of public safety and security, you’re coming down against it. The very idea of debating in order to decide which is right takes the side that democratic processes and freedoms are more important than strict safety and security…” menace3society, on Marvel Comic’s Civil War, a storyline that debates homeland security and tighter government controls in the name of public safety.

Civil War


“That’s the one thing we’ve always had in common. It’s what made us what we are. More than anyone in the world, when you scratch everything else away from Batman, you’re left with someone who doesn’t want to see anybody die.” Superman, Kingdom Come #3