“Canada’s foreign affairs minister says he wants to crack down on Chinese spies who are stealing industrial and high-technology secrets at a tremendous cost to the economy… The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has been investigating economic espionage involving China… Foreign students and scientists, business delegations and Chinese immigrants are among those used as informants, says the spy agency… News reports last year said there are as many as 1,000 Chinese economic spies operating in Canada.” Montreal Gazette

Tim Hortons

“Tim Hortons sells coffee but it truly produces loyalty. It enjoys far better market penetration than Starbucks. When compared against 2006 Census data, Starbucks has an average of one store per 37,000 people in the US, while Tim Hortons has an impressive one store per 12,000 in Canada. This penetration has helped Tim Hortons to essentially eliminate competition in Canada.” Interbrand, Best Canadian Brands 2006

War of the words

“We find that pretty arrogant. They don’t decide. We don’t decide. Gamers decide.” Xbox Canada’s Jason Anderson, on Sony’s E3 proclamation of “Sony decides when the next generation begins”

Passion and love

“He wanted another chance to play for the Raptors. And if his contract wasn’t so big, that might have been an option. As it was, the only choice for the Raptors — financially and competitively — was to buy him out and move on. Yesterday Williams lamented how the game’s economic reality sometimes ‘exes out’ what he called ‘the morals of life.’ For many players, we’d suggest $40-plus million (U.S.) in career earnings will soothe his hurt. For Williams, we’re not so sure.Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk, on Toronto point guard Alvin Williams

Alvin Williams


“Sabian Ltd., one of the top two cymbal manufacturers in the world, laids its roots in Canada a quarter century ago after a bitter dispute over ownership divided the business… The company, which employs 150, produces 1.2 million cymbals every year. Sabian makes more than 1,500 different types with rides, crashes and hi-hats being the most popular. Most are made by machine… Cymbals cost between $64 and $770 for individual pieces, with custom-made cymbals commanding a premium.” Sharda Prashad, Toronto Star

Filipino table etiquette punished at local school

“The case of 7-year-old Luc Cagadoc has become front-page news in his parents’ native Philippines and a Quebec-based rights group says it will haul a suburban Montreal school before the provincial human rights commission after it repeatedly disciplined the slight, bespectacled boy because he allegedly ‘eats like a pig.’ The Philippines’ ambassador to Canada issued a statement of support for Cagadoc’s family and Montreal’s Filipino community, which he said was rightly offended by the school’s reaction to the way the boy eats… the traditional Filipino method of using a fork to mush food into a spoon before swallowing the contents.” Toronto Star, A1

Watchmen, Moist, Tea Party, Big Wreck

“Unlike many Canadian rock bands that grew in the mid-’90s and then all seemed to break up in the same three-year period, Our Lady Peace remained together through thick and thin. Some blame the break-up of the Watchmen, Moist, Tea Party, Big Wreck and several others on the erosion of MuchMusic support for Canadian bands. Other observers theorize that the Canadian rock trade deadline came up, so all the musicians had to shuffle around a game of musical chairs to come up with new lineups in new bands.”

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Horrific mass slaughter

“What I find ‘horrific’ about your country is the daily killing of innocent people in Iraq, the execution of mainly black prisoners in U.S., the massive sale of guns to U.S. citizens every day, the destabilization of the whole world by the aggressive foreign policy of U.S. government, etc.” Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, in reponse to an American family considering cancelling a vacation because they are opposed to Canada’s “horrific” annual seal hunt

Tools of oppression

“I stopped talking directely to the camera and started interacting more with my neighbours, which is one of the things that some people later said seemed to bother them.” Canadian Tire Guy actor Ted Simonett, on how his role has shifted over the years

Junk Yard Dog Returns

“I’m back in a city I love.” Jerome Williams, affectionally known as Junk Yard Dog, on returning to the Toronto Raptors.

Junk Yard Dog

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