Jim Lee

“I gather that ‘Jim Lee’ is something of a ‘man about town’ in the world of… drawing things, whatever their people call it. I’m told that young aspirants to the comic arts must traverse a Jim Lee Phase before they emerge from Plagiara - ‘The Valley Of The Shadow Of Theft,’ tempered thus by his iconic renderings” Web comic writer Tycho, on the popular comic book artist


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Arts will be fine without Bulte

“As a resident of Parkdale-High Park, and one who toils in and for the arts, I can tell you quite emphatically that I, and many others, will not miss Sarmite Bulte. She was unresponsive to her (thankfully former) constituency and completely out of touch with the needs of those she was supposed to represent. Her ‘dedication’ to the arts was conveyed with a sense of noblesse oblige mixed with an autograph-seeker’s thirst for celebrity culture. The arts will do fine without her.” Dr. David Kinahan, in a letter to the Toronto Star

All-Star Superman

“No one has ever done Clark Kent to Superman; showing the difference between these two guys. And Frank can do it. He can do the body language in a way you’ve never seen it. You’ll actually see his whole posture change and his paunch disappear and his three chins disappear. This is a complete transformation. This is like Jekyll and Hyde. We’ve never seen it before in 70 years of Superman.” Grant Morrison, on All-Star Superman artist Frank Quietly

Clark Kent to Superman

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Alan Moore

“In my world, the actors and the director are all made of paper, and they do exactly what I say.” Alan Moore, on comic books as a medium

you are not listening to me

“you are not listening to me” Sam Brown, explodingdog

you are not listening to me