Gaming’s Dirty Little Secret

“We all know that Square Enix makes the Final Fantasy games or that Capcom makes the Resident Evil games, right? Well, not exactly. One game development studio — one of the biggest in the world, actually — has secretly been behind a lot of the games you’ve played. And you’ve likely never even heard of it… Based in Kyoto, Tose has around 1,000 employees (some also in studios in Shanghai and Tokyo), making it the biggest non-publisher game developer in the world. And almost every major publisher has used it at one point or another — yet few have ever acknowledged this. Looking at Tose’s list of clients, almost all of gaming’s big names are there: Nintendo, Capcom, Namco, Sony, Square Enix, and even major American publishers like Electronic Arts and THQ. Tose has over 1,000 games to its name — or rather, to other companies’ names. And it’s been working in secret like this for over 25 years.” Sam Kennedy,