The appropriate time

“I don’t know. I look at our show sometimes, and I don’t know what the appropriate time for it is. I don’t necessarily think it’s 12:30. Sometimes I think it’s a children’s show. You can run huge portions of my show on Nickelodeon. We have everything but green slime coming down on the guests. So I don’t know. I honestly think yes. I’ve done my share of things in prime time, I’ve done my share of things earlier in the evening, and you still find the way to do your sense of humor or execute your sensibility in front of a slightly different audience. You’re always adjusting to what that specific situation is. If you’re hosting the Emmys, you adjust a little. If you’re doing a week of shows in a 4,000-seat theatre in Chicago, you make certain adjustments, but still, it’s basically you. I have to feel it’s the same thing at 11:30. Will the Masturbating Bear still be there? Who can say?” Conan O’Brien, on doing The Tonight Show an hour earlier than Late Night With Conan O’Brien