Black and white

“Every writer wants to be liked… I feel like we honestly just start trying to please, and then the writing isn’t pure and it’s not real, and it comes from nowhere except an ability to say, ‘I want to be liked.’ Comic books are a medium that cater to people, myself included, with self-esteem problems and issues of good vs. bad. And that’s why we love the black and white. That’s why we love the punch and the pow. That’s why we love being loved. We all have that issue–and maybe it’s because we came from our lonely places, or our dark places. So the idea that a writer is going to be completely unaffected when someone goes on a message board and says, ‘You’re being too harsh with my character, stop killing my darlings.’ You’re going to eventually want to be liked and read–and it’s going to affect you.” Brad Meltzer, New York Times best-selling author and writer of DC Comic’s Identity Crisis miniseries